Your Confusing Title: What Do You Call Yourself?

Your confusing title is blocking new business from coming to you. Reliance on technical or industry terms is dangerous—in certain circumstances it can be the right thing to do; however, if your title is confusing to a general audience and that’s where your buyers come from, you’re in trouble.

I’ve struggled with this issue myself: what to use as a title that doesn’t make people go, “Huh?” but also doesn’t turn me into a commodity.

If your business is based on referrals, like a psychotherapist, the terminology is important and probably should be technical. The important thing here is the audience: who is sending the referrals? If they will easily understand your title, who you can help, and where you fit in, then there’s no need to worry.

The concern is with an audience of potential buyers that has no idea what your title means.

Your Confusing Title And How It’s Stopping You From Getting New Business

In this video, I explain what’s going on and what to do about it:

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