You Cannot Get Poor Enough to Help a Broke Person

You cannot get poor enough to help a broke person!

Just as you cannot get sick enough to make someone else well, you cannot give away your expertise at at low enough value to kickstart an individual who has a terrible mindset.

Many people, and myself included on the rare occasions I forget, want to help others who are struggling. So we drastically reduce the price for access to our expertise. And every time, we regret doing so afterwards.

We are not helping anyone when we do this!

Those who could not afford our regular rates are not yet in a mindset or situation where our expertise would help them. We will be giving them a nuclear bomb which, if they try to use it at all, they will use in the attempt to make their morning toast. From this comes the spectacularly bad results you’d expect.

You Cannot Get Poor Enough To Get Someone Else Out Of Their Trouble

In this video, I explain why giving away your expertise doesn’t help anyone—including you!


What happens when you dramatically lower your price, with the intention of “helping” someone who is struggling?

You really do screw yourself up. They don’t value what you gave them at the level they would have. That’s not good for your positioning. Also, you have damaged your revenue equation because you are now that much farther from hitting your money target than you would have been if you’d charged at your regular level. If you do this repeatedly, it has consequences on your annual budget. (And if you don’t have an annual budget showing you what income and expenses you expect for the coming year, you are an amateur “trying to make as much money as I can”.)

I am not saying “never give away your expertise”, though that would be a good rule of thumb. You may, if you’re making a conscious choice to be a giver…and expecting nothing in return.

But if you give away your expertise, which includes offering it at a tremendously reduced investment that leaves you feeling uncomfortable, do not expect the recipients to value or act upon it. You’ll be badly disappointed if you do.

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