You ARE Your Customers!

You are your customers! Yes! Not only do you choose your customers—even if by inaction, lack of clarity, and by default—you become them!

What are their habits?

What are their tolerances?

How do they behave?

You will find that as they behave, so do you. What they will accept becomes what you will accept. Slow payment? Then you will pay slowly. Desperate mindset? Then you will discover yourself to have a desperate mindset. Jumping from shiny object to shiny object? Then you will become a shiny object chaser, too.

Be wary! Choose your ideal customer with great care.

You Are Your Customers

Like most of us, you probably picked your target market by default. The first niche to respond to your offer…the initial group attracted to your services. They set your price. They set your scope. They set your comfort zone.

As this wasn’t done deliberately, you became what they gave you as boundaries. I explain in this video:

If you don’t deliberately choose what you want to become, you will continue to attract the kind of customers that you are already.

Yes, better customers are out there. They’re around you right now! But you have trained yourself not to see them.

You can train yourself to start seeing the better kind of customer.

You can exert far more control over what you receive than you may believe. If you are unhappy about an aspect of yourself or your business, look to your customers. What are they? What do they make you accept as tolerable? Do you wish to continue tolerating that? You are your customers; what you expect from them is what you expect from yourself.

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Jason Kanigan is a business strategist, conversion expert, and consultative sales trainer.

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