What To Do If You Are A Commodity

What To Do If You Are A Commodity? I often see this kind of question where the person asking has realized all a potential competitor needs to do is a little research to enter their marketplace.

Worries like this are commonplace. Product-driven organizations can fall victim to commodity thinking, where they believe the thing itself and the price are all that matters to the buyer. And for service providers like copywriters or web designers, there is a real danger of becoming price-driven commodities in the eyes of those who could hire them. This kind of thinking always results in a race to bottom in which neither buyer nor seller are well served.

When barriers to entry are low, what can you do to stake out your ground? How can you ensure buyers see you as a unique individual?

Guidance On What To Do If You Are A Commodity

The key to making yourself “bulletproof” to competition is in differentiation.

Talk to your target market and find out what they value.

What you think doesn’t matter—get them to tell you in their words.

I explain the process of handling what to do if you are a commodity in this video:

Remember, a critical but often ignored point to developing differentiation is to stop talking about the features of whatever it is that you offer!

If you want to differentiate yourself as a web designer, for example, stop talking about websites. Uncover what it is that your market appreciates about you as a marketing problem solver. Then use those words and images instead to get out of the commodity trap.

Otherwise, you’ll be stuck with competing on price. And that is a terrible place to be.

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