Slow Holiday Sales Scaring You?

Slow holiday sales sending you into worry and panic?

Many consultants, product sellers, and service providers find that their regular customers pull a disappearing act starting sometime between Thanksgiving and around December 20th. They don’t reappear until mid-January. And this disappearance produces a gap in revenue that is hard to handle.

Many customers do go on holiday during this period: they mentally “check out” of their businesses, too.

Trying To Deal With Slow Holiday Sales By Doing The Same Things Is Crazy

If you desperately try to change what is actually happening, you face an uphill battle.

You could plan ahead.

You could raise your revenue target for the preceding month or two, to generate enough income to cover the gap.

You could offer discounted service coupons to be redeemed during the slow period, but that is banking on you finding a few customers who don’t completely ignore their operations during the holidays.

No, trying to fix your problem by changing the behavior of other people is a tough road to go down.

Better to change your own behavior.

In this video, I explain the best way to deal with the fear of slow holiday sales:


Slow Holiday Sales Are A Result of YOUR Beliefs And Behavior, Not Theirs

So as you see, while many people do take time off during the holiday period, some do not.

And those who do not are more easily reached. They are appreciative of the chance to talk to someone during this time.

But the truth is that you do have to change your behavior to stop the problem of slow holiday sales before it starts.

You cannot control what other people do. But you can control your own thoughts and actions.

The critical limiting belief to change immediately is the one saying, “Everyone goes on holiday during this period.” No, not everyone.

Some decision makers are still in their offices. They can be reached. And they are less guarded and more open to discussion than they usually are.

Get your plan to reach them set up and into action now, before you have a revenue problem.

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