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Mindset for business owners and established salespeople can be a funny thing. I mean “sad clown” laughably funny, because the things that got you there are not the things that will take you to the next level.

To get to the level of “established”, you must have a comfort zone that allows you to take the actions necessary to exceed basic survival. But then what happens? A new pattern develops. You are consistently reaching your money target, month after month…but then something strange occurs. As soon as you make the money you need…you stop.

In this video, I explain what happens and why in the mindset for business owners and established salespeople:


Mindset for Business Owners and Established Salespeople

Most of our performance problems happen because we are unconscious of what is really going on.

Once we become aware of the issue—that at the point we reach our money target, our effort ceases—we can think and program in a different outcome. This is is the way for you to create a path to increased performance.

If you don’t acknowledge your revenue comfort zone, you’ll remain its victim and never be able to grow your business. One month you might accidentally outperform your expectations, but the next month you’ll fall back to normal or even undercut yourself to hit your regular target averaged over the two months.

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