How Change Feels

How change feels is a sensation frequently misunderstood by individuals not accustomed to it. If your life has been steady, especially for many years, with for instance the same job, the same workmates, and the same living situation, and then you suddenly leap into entrepreneurship, you are going to encounter a feeling of overwhelm. Events are going to feel as if they are flying by you at lightning speed. Your reaction to this will commonly be to freak out and draw back.

Since the feeling of change in action is unfamiliar to you, your mind will automatically label it as “negative” or “bad” or another term indicating undesirability. You will run away from it and return to your old comfort zone.

How Change Feels: It’s SUPPOSED To Feel This Way!

Yes, change is supposed to feel this weird way! In this video, I explain how if you haven’t recognized what this feeling indicates, and have instead put a label on it designating the feeling “negative” or “bad”, you are creating a problem. Your mind in its panic flees back to your old comfort zone–and with that, your old results. Without re-labeling the feeling, you could stay stuck at the low performance level forever.

To avoid this “Do Not Pass Go. Do Not Collect $200” reaction to how change feels, instead attune yourself to recognizing the feeling of change in action. Learn to discern this feeling, and intentionally apply a label which will support your beliefs: that deliberate change is good, and will bring the improvement in results you are looking for.

If you are a new entrepreneur, or struggling with an improvement in technique, this could very well be the critical step you need to take.

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Do you react to this uncomfortable feeling of change with negativity and backsliding action? Book a call with Jason Kanigan to start leading yourself to positive results instead.

Jason Kanigan is a business strategist and consultative sales trainer.

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