Fulfilling Work and Complex Problem Solving

Fulfilling Work: We are in the midst of a transition phase for what “work” means for humanity.

In the not-too-distant future, the majority of people may not even work at all.

This idea has been gathering steam since before I went to college 20 years ago. Back then Jeremy Rifkin’s “The End of Work” was all the rage.

Countries are seriously considering guaranteed minimum incomes, and once that begins it will become the norm. What are we, as creative and ambitious people, to do when that environment is the reality we live in?

Fulfilling Work and Your Future

I have a few points to make about what fulfilling work means, how complex problem solving has become, and where I think we’re going:


The traditional “work a job for 30 years and then retire” career plan is obviously dead. We need to start thinking about what fulfilling work means to us, and how to achieve it. In fact, a review of the question: What does a fulfilling LIFE mean? desperately needs your answer.

The Complex Problem of Defining Fulfilling Work

In a reality where you do not need to worry about the lower level of Maslow’s hierarchy—food and shelter needs are taken care of for you—you will start off far more relaxed than our predecessors, or most people today.

Imagine the freedom that will give you.

What will you do with it?

That our problems are becoming increasingly complex is no secret. However, the playing level is changing. The goalposts are shifting. We have the opportunity to be awake, alert, and alive…let’s use it!

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Jason Kanigan is a business strategist, conversion expert, and consultative sales trainer.

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