Decision Power and Your Goals

Decision power and being decisive are misunderstood and often overlooked success factors in business. Leaders and followers alike allow negative situations to drag on because they fail to use their decision power to move forward.

Reach Your Target Fast With Decision Power

If you don’t decide, your world stays ‘slushy’. Things drift on as before. Everyone continues to complain.

Your Reticular Activating System or RAS is literally filtering millions of bits of information around you down to about two thousand at any given moment. Do you think you’re really seeing everything? No. That great customer, they’re right beside you…but your RAS is is filtering them out. You have your blinders on, because you always do.

You have to DECIDE to filter differently.

I discuss this process in the following video:


Intention is key.

Data is streaming to you and past you all the time. Your RAS is filtering a handful of items in and deflecting or ignoring the rest. Do you see what you want to see? Or what you’re afraid you’ll see? It’s all out there.

The Speed of Decision Power

Note that we decide to filter for the right prospect. But which precise prospect is that? It doesn’t matter. This one, the next one…we have decided to filter the right prospect IN and we will get them as long as we have decided we will. And this will happen much faster than you think, especially when compared to not having made the decision to do so.

Remember, as a leader, you are unconsciously or deliberately setting the RAS filters not only for yourself but your followers. It is you who sets the tone, the direction, and what your group gets.

You can abdicate that choice and leave it to default—what limiting beliefs your parents or random people programmed into you as a kid, for instance—or you can set the target on purpose and use your decision power.

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