The Danger of the Two Sales

Danger of the two sales is a simple but frequently overlooked concept in selling. Acute in the Software as a Service field, the danger of the two sales results from you as the seller completely missing the fact that the prospect must not only accept your solution as an answer to their problem—prior to that, they must admit that the problem exists in the first place!

However, the issue is not limited to SaaS vendors. Perhaps you are suffering from it now!

In this video, I explain the danger of the two sales, and how it can screw up your sales cycle and qualification funnel if you are unaware of it:


How To Avoid the Danger of the Two Sales

The best way to avoid the danger of the two sales is to make sure you don’t solve a problem nobody admitted they had in the first place. Do not make the typical SaaS mistake of developing a product in isolation! Did a buyer admit the problem exists? Did they say they would pay money for a solution to it?

Qualifying your prospect in a two-step process, first by whether or not they acknowledge the problem exists, and second by whether they agree you are able to provide a solution to it, is the answer. Discover whether the prospect knows the problem is a problem. If they refuse to admit they have the problem, all attempts to sell your solution will be fruitless. Only after the prospect agrees that they have the problem, and that the issue is serious, should you be discussing any form of a solution.

If you’ve been running product demonstrations but not getting sales, now you know a solid potential reason why.

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