Assess Your Roles: Are They Holding You Back?

Assess your roles: they and your title could well be holding you back. Many people have trouble with the title they give themselves. While they understand it completely, the rest of the world doesn’t. This results in confusion. And confusion is bad for selling.

Also, a title indicates a role. If you are stuck in one role, it can be difficult to move into another…such as when you are changing jobs but still have the limiting beliefs of the past role in mind. If you were a security guard, for instance, it might be tough to transition to being your own business owner if you are holding onto the limiting beliefs about the role of “security guard”.

This is not a minor issue! Most of what we get out of life (the “results”) come from the few dominant limiting beliefs we hold—which we are unconscious of having!

Assess Your Roles and Limiting Beliefs With Jason Kanigan’s Expertise

I explain in detail in this video:

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