About Jason Kanigan

About Jason Kanigan:

Following a 15 year corporate executive career, Jason has spent the past ten years running companies.

These include:

  • Sales On Fire, a sales force development and conversion process improvement & training business — the videos on this site are from a series of 96 Sales Tactics tips made during this period
  • The Closing Engine, co-founder (happy exit 2018), a third party closing-as-a-service operation centered around recruiting & managing remote sales teams for high ticket programs
  • Cold Star Technologies, a process improvement, investigations and data science organization, focused on space & defense.

Jason is available for a very limited number of strategy calls per month. These engagements can be scheduled in advance: to do so, the first step is to complete a brief application by clicking here. If you are unable to complete this short questionnaire, it is assumed you do not have a problem significant enough to warrant Jason’s involvement in solving.