About Jason Kanigan

about Jason KaniganAbout Jason Kanigan: business strategist focusing on conversion optimization for medium-sized companies.

Only two elements exist in your revenue equation: Traffic and Conversion.

Once your prospect enters your funnel, what happens then? That’s the Conversion Question.

About Jason Kanigan – Services

Whatever it takes to transform that prospect from new arrival to buyer, that’s what Jason Kanigan does:

  • Funnel design and market entry strategy
  • Operations improvement and process re-engineering
  • Copywriting
  • Video sales letters (VSLs)
  • Content marketing
  • Phone sales training
  • Face to face sales training

Hi, I’m Jason Kanigan. If it’s about conversion, I will improve your results. Whether you’re entering a new marketplace or striving to improve your results with one you know, I can give you the difference that makes the difference. With 15 years of corporate executive experience, from startups through Inc. Top 1000 franchise organizations, plus eight more running my own business, I have the experience and breadth of knowledge to help you.

Struggling with long sales cycles, overwhelming waste in processes, employees who you’re not sure are actually creating value, slow time to market, or an unexcited and unfocused organization? We should speak.

To discuss your project with me, book your call here. This small investment will be deducted from any full project amount going forward. If it turns out we’re not a fit, it will be refunded.

The videos in this vlog are part of a series of 96(!) Sales Tactics tips. To own them all, go to this page; the Super Bundle at the bottom is the best value.